Work on the go


With the complete accessibility, you can now increase the mode of flexibility within your business functionality.

Get the benefits of Pro-suite plan, which offers you with the following:

  • Increased storage space
    Develop your ideas on your PC without taking actual HD space with Infinity Backup Drive.
  • Unbeatable security
    Encrypt your private files without giving access to anyone else with Infinity Backup.
  • Enhanced search
    Search the contents of your documents and find files the way you remember them.
  • Scalable system
    Add up more users whenever you need. Infinity Backup easily sets up to your business requirements.
Back up your office computers

Plunge into the world of Infinity Backup

Whether you’re in marketing, HR, or sales, Infinity Backup can help you streamline collaboration with your team or clients and get projects done faster. See how we can be the right solution for your role. For all projects worth sharing, syncing, reviewing, and organizing, Infinity Backup makes it easy for your team to stay connected and for their collaborative work to move forward faster. Share files, feedback and progress in one place. No matter what apps or systems they use, your team can share anything from PDFs to videos—making comments right on the files—even if they don’t have the “right” software. Get the easy accessibility of backup right now to be able to enhance the mode of the communication within your business now..

Bank-level security

Securely back up work-files everywhere

Now easily back up, transfer and even collaborate on the files from any devices- computer, tablets and mobiles. Save your vital documents on the Infinity Backup Briefcase folder in the Cloud and then access and also edit them securely from any devices. With a single, central place that’s easy to access, you can put every file in your team’s hands, organize everything they do, and make sure you can all see and share work in real time. Help your teams connect and collaborate. Give employees the flexibility to choose their own tools, while keeping your organization’s content secure.

Customize your work process

Collaborate and share privately with Infinity Backup now

Here is what you can get as soon as you integrate with us:

  • Enable team access to centralized shared folders, documents and files, without the hassle of file servers or email.
  • Set granular user permissions including read-only, read-write and remote wipe.
  • Get complete oversight with activity logs and desktop notifications to keep you up to date on all share activity.
  • Administrator account with tools to easily add and remove user accounts for each employee on your team.
  • Management tools to reset passwords, log in as users and view activity logs and usage.
  • Centralized billing for all users, with pro-rated invoicing when adding additional users.