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Transfer security Your files are transferred securely from your device to our servers using the strongest available TLS encryption.
Data Protection Act Fully compliant with EU privacy laws, registered under the Data Protection Act and with the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office).
PCI compliant Infinity Backup stores, transmits and processes card details according to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).
Obfuscated data Customer file information is masked when on our servers so it cannot be identified or linked to a particular account.
Distributed data Individual customer data is split across multiple independent systems with no single system containing enough to retrieve an individual file via any unauthorized methods.
Two factor authentication (2FA) 2FA increases security by requiring users to type in a unique code displayed on their mobile/tablet, in addition to their password, when logging into Infinity Backup. This can be turned on in the "Privacy and Security" section of the web portal.

Data Centres

UK based servers All data is stored in UK data centres protected by 3 layers of physical access security.
24/7 monitoring We actively monitor our network 24/7 to keep your files accessible and safe. Our physical and electronic monitoring consists of both intrusion prevention & intrusion detection systems.
ISO 27001 data centres All of our data centres are ISO 27001 certified. This is the highest possible standard for data security. More info about ISO27001

Backup is like a mirror of your computer files. You select the folders you want to back up and we keep an exact copy of those on Infinity Backup. If you add, edit or delete a file on your computer, we do the same on Infinity Backup, making sure your files are always up to date. You can restore (download) your backed up files securely to any computer.
Briefcase is an online drive. Think of it as a USB memory stick that you can’t lose or damage, where you can store files and then edit them from another device. Your Briefcase files are also stored locally, so you can access them without Internet access, or you can choose to store them online only to free up disk space. Briefcase also enables you to share files with friends and colleagues and back up photos and videos from your phone or tablet.
With both Backup and Briefcase, you can access your files from any web browser or using our apps for Android, iOS or Windows.
You can buy either product separately or buy them together as Pro Suite.

Deleted files can be recovered for up to 30 days before being permanently deleted from Infinity Backup.
If you have backed up your computer and then accidentally deleted a file, from the Restore tab in your Infinity Backup desktop software or from the device view in your web portal, you can select “view deleted files” to restore the file back to your device.

Infinity Backup desktop software is compatible with the following operating systems:
  • Windows 7 and above
  • macOS / OS X 10.11 and above.
The Infinity Backup Briefcase can also be accessed via web browsers and FTP (Pro Suite only) enabling Linux users to also benefit from the service.stainable VHS.

Infinity Backup's backs up any media files and documents, as well as most application file formats. Infinity Backup does not back up system files, temporary files, programs or operating systems.
Examples of files backed up by Infinity Backup include: documents, spreadsheets, database archives, photos, videos, music, PDFs, zip files, presentations, and websites.
Examples of file types not backed up include: browser cookies, .exe, .iso, and .log.

Infinity Backup's desktop software will back up any supported file type from the computer user account where you installed the Infinity Backup software. It doesn’t matter how large your computer’s hard drive is, or how many files there are.
Infinity Backup does not back up files from other user accounts on the same computer for privacy reasons. For example, if you own a computer and your friend has a separate login, their files would not be backed up on your Infinity Backup account by default. Installing Infinity Backup on a second user account would be treated as a second computer by the Infinity Backup system.

You can install the Infinity Backup desktop onto any computer and securely restore at any time. This can be to the same PC or Mac where the backup originated or a different computer. You can restore an individual file or a whole folder structure.
You can also download single files or folders to any computer at any time from your personal web portal.