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Imagine a life without limits. Big ideas need big storage. You can’t get to the moon on mere gigabytes. With Infinity Backup, you get all the storage you need, ensuring that your projects have room to grow. Unlimited data transfer-great work demands to be seen. However, most cloud storage providers limit how many times you can share large files. Share your big ideas with the world with Infinity Backup! No surprise fees-With unlimited storage and data transfer you don't need to worry about surprise usage fees, or running out of storage space. Your team will always have what they need to get their best work done.


What can we do for you now?

Know the reason why you need to have us in your business

Infinity Backup includes more than just unlimited storage. It’s the perfect plan for your biggest projects and includes everything you need, get the free access to manage the workflow and also increase the functionality of your work process, relatively :

  • Keep your big ideas safe, secure, and private with strong encryption and access controls
  • Setup centralized folders that your entire team can access from anywhere
  • Access your files securely from any computer or phone or tablet
  • Share your files easily

Sharing has become so convenient now

Large files- not a big deal now!

With Infinity Backup, you do not need to worry of sending any bigger files in a second. We bring to you the added convenience to speed up your work-process by being able to maintain the security of the data and also increase the mode of revenue of your concerned firm. Access controls to keep your work protected-maintain full control of the files you're sharing with password protection, view-only access and expiry dates. Revoke access anytime, even after you've shared it. Possess unlimited data transfer, with Infinity Backup you don't have to worry about bandwidth limits or traffic allowance when sharing. You can go viral and share with millions! We want you to succeed!


Collaborate and co-ordinate with your team

Manage access with granular permissions

Enable team access to centralized folders, documents and files without the hassle of file servers or email. Connect your internal team with people outside your organization easily. Control access per user, per folder, with full granularity over who can view and edit. Delegate folder management to other team members and revoke access anytime. Team members can work on your shared documents directly from any computer desktop, tablet, phone or web browser. Enable remote collaboration from the most idea- inspiring places on the planet.


Choose Pricing Plan

Single user backup


  • 1 x PC or Mac User Account Backup
  • Unlimited PC/Mac storage

£83.88 £69.90 /year*

Multi-user backup

Pro Suite

  • 5 x PC or Mac user Account Backup
  • Unlimited PC/Mac storage
  • 5,000GB Mobile Backup

£191.88 £159.90 /year*

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*Equivalent of 2 months free on annual plans